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A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood

Robin Worthington (Lew Cody), a middle-aged man attracted by a young woman, at first avoids, then falls for, her. He undergoes a profound change in temperament, but in the end he marries another girl, Mary Hazeltine (Aileen Pringle), his secretary, who had gone away plain and came back strikingly beautiful, in the latest new fashions.

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Feb 11, 2010 · A Single Man 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars. Colin Firth is outstanding in a Christopher Isherwood adaptation, but some scenes in Tom Ford's stylish directing debut are outrageously ad-like, says

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Detailed plot synopsis reviews of A Single Man George is a gay British professor living in L.A. in the 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The movie details a day in his life, possible his last one because he plans to commit suicide that night. He is reeling from the death of his lover Jim, who died in a car accident 8 months ago.

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single man synopsisA Single Man is a 1964 novel by Christopher Isherwood. Set in Southern California during 1962, it depicts one day in the life of George, a middle-aged Englishman who is a professor at a Los Angeles university.

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single man synopsisSet in Los Angeles in 1962, A Single Man is the story of George Falconer, a British college professor (Colin Firth) who is struggling to find meaning in his life after the death of his long-time partner, Jim (Matthew Goode).

A Single Man (1964) by Christopher Isherwood

single man synopsisSynopsis. George Falconer (Colin Firth) approaches a car accident in the middle of a snow-white scenery. There is a bloodied man there and he kisses him. He wakes up: he was dreaming about the moment when his partner of 16 years, Jim (Mathew Goode), died--though he was not there with him because Jim was visiting his disapproving family on his own.

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George is struggling to readjust to “single life” after the death of his long-time partner, Jim. George is brilliant but self-conscious. He is determined to see the best in his pupils, yet knows few, if any, of his students will amount to anything.

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A Single Man feels more like the prelude to a fashion show than an actual motion-picture, and whilst the film and plot are impeccably solid, it suffers from a certain aura of "style over substance

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